At Laragh Homes we pride ourselves on an outstanding aftersales experience and have a dedicated team to support you should you need us. Whilst your property has been constructed to the highest standards, there may be minor defects which will only become apparent once the property is occupied. We therefore give purchasers the opportunity to report any issues to us, in writing, within two weeks of legal completion. Snagging report forms can be found in your Completion Manual.

There will be a further snagging opportunity upon the 12-month construction anniversary of the property for any issues that may become apparent once the property has time to settle.

In addition to the above snagging opportunities, we offer an aftersales service for a period of two years from the date of completion for genuine defects arising within that time. For total peace of mind, all of our properties are also covered by a 10 year structural warranty (details can be found in your Completion Manual). We are also Registered Developers of New Homes Quality Board’s Code of Practice and adhere to our obligations within the Code.


In the event you should experience a defect within your property, please contact the Aftersales Team at Laragh Homes using the form above or by emailing or write to Aftersales, Laragh Homes, Sycamore Studios, Over, Cambridge, CB24 5PJ. All defects must be reported in writing.

The defect will be logged on our system and reviewed by us. If the issue is accepted as a genuine defect, it will be passed onto the relevant contractor, who will visit your property during usual working hours to assess the fault and, if necessary, arrange a further date for remedial works to be carried out at a mutually convenient date/time. In the event it is a more complex issue, we may arrange for somebody to come and inspect the problem in order to confirm the appropriate next steps. Should Laragh Homes feel the issue received is not a defect, we will ensure you receive full details on how and why this decision has been reached.

Under normal circumstances, we expect to resolve most snags within 30 days. Where this is not possible, for example, due to having to order materials which have a longer lead time, we will keep you regularly updated and confirm an anticipated date for the repair as soon as we can.


We provide 24 hour emergency cover for genuine heating, plumbing and electrical emergencies during the initial two year aftersales period. During usual office hours please report to the issue to the aftersales team.

For an out of office hours emergency, contact details of the appropriate trades can be found in your Completion Manual.

Please note, the following situations constitute an emergency:

  • Complete failure of the heating systems and/or hot water system*
  • A water leak or flooding that cannot be contained
  • A complete failure of the electrics*
  • Flooding caused by blocked drains that threatens to enter the home
  • Any other situation that causes a risk to life

*Before reporting an emergency, please ensure that the problem is not caused by a general failure in the area.
*Heating and hot water provision will be subject to compliance with annual servicing requirements and relevant manufacturers’ warranties.


During the first few months, your home will need to ‘settle’. This includes allowing it to dry out gently. During construction, a new home is subject to the weather and many thousands of litres of water can be absorbed by the structure before it is made watertight.

As the structure is drying out, you may notice minor cracks in interior walls (shrinkage) or white deposits on any brickwork (efflorescence). Shrinkage happens when timbers and plaster contract as they dry out. Efflorescence deposits are natural salts that come out of the wall materials and are quite normal. These salts are not harmful and usually disappear over time.

Shrinkage and efflorescence may occur regardless of what you do, but there are steps you can follow to try and minimise them:

  • To keep cracks and gaps to a minimum, you need to allow your home to dry out gradually.
  • Leave windows or trickle vents open and use extractor fans in kitchens and bathrooms to help to ventilate your home and allow moisture to evaporate more naturally. This will also avoid condensation forming which can damage timber and paintwork.
  • The length of time your house takes to dry out depends on how it was built and in what sort of weather conditions. Generally speaking, it will take around nine months to a year.
  • After this time, shrinkage can normally be put right very easily with ordinary filler and a simple lick of paint during routine redecoration.
  • Shrinkage is accelerated by heat, so try to keep an even temperature throughout your home.
  • If you move in during winter, it may be tempting to turn on the heading to its highest setting. This is not recommended as the high heat may accelerate shrinkage.


Please note that our aftercare service does not cover kitchen appliances. These are covered by individual manufacturer guarantees and it’s the homeowners responsibility to register for these as necessary. Nor are any faults, breakdown or damage to any part of the property or its fixtures and fittings due to negligence, mistreatment, misuse, poor maintenance, fair wear and tear or other cause which cannot reasonably be expected to be our responsibility.

Some elements of your new home will require regular maintenance. These are not snags and are part of routine homeowner maintenance. These could include areas such as annual servicing of your central heating boiler, protecting any garden fencing, or painting external timber or render. Please review the warranty and service information we have provided and contact the Aftersales team if you have any other questions.

As mentioned before, settlement cracks are to be expected and do not constitute snagging or a defect unless they are wider than 5mm. They are easily remedied when redecorating and are the responsibility of the homeowner.


We trust that we can resolve any issues swiftly, but if you are dissatisfied with our service, you can log a complaint by emailing or writing to us at the address below. Please see our complaints procedure available on our website or within your completion manual for further information and guidance.

We are a Registered Developer with the New Homes Quality Board and comply with the New Homes Quality Code. In the unlikely event that you remain dissatisfied after following our formal complaints procedure, you may be able to raise your complaint with your Warranty Provider, or the New Homes Ombudsman Service. Details of this service can be found within your completion manual.

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